Apr 6, 2021

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The Perfect Money Piece Hair Color


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I don’t know if you ever read Reader’s Digest while sitting in a waiting room at an appointment, but there was this segment called “boy was my face red” and it was all about embarrassing things that happened to people. 

I used to chuckle wondering how these people seemed to get into the worst situations?

Ah, the irony…

You might know that I am sort of a magnet for awkward, embarrassing situations. Let me give you an example…

I was in the salon last week, wearing a pair of “trendy” ripped jeans (okay, so maybe they were more “old” than “trendy” but either way…), creating some bomb hair, then as my client was processing I went to go sit in the backroom when I heard a RIIIIIPPPPP.

It would’ve been fine if it hadn’t been the BUTT OF MY PANTS that ripped. 

I yelled out in horror to my client that I had just ripped the seat of my pants. 

She sheepishly let me know that she had seen it and she had assumed that it was the style of my jeans… showing off my ASSets… 

Boy, was my face red!

Awkward and embarrassing moments happen in the salon from time to time (did you see my IG post about farting right next to your client??). 

Whether it’s accidentally tooting while you’re rinsing out your client, or ripping your jeans, or awkwardly bringing your client back to the sink when you realized you need to retone their hair (that one happened during the filming of this video in fact!) it’s important to remember that you’re human, friend, mistakes and awkward moments happen to all of us. 

Wanna know an easy way to avoid some of the awkward moments in business? It’s all about communication. When I started implementing custom consultations into my business 4 years ago it was a HUGE game-changer. My clients were happier, I got better results and fewer fixes (aka awkward moments). 

Wanna know why? My skill and talents weren’t what changed, it was the communication. 

That being said, I love sharing new techniques with you so that you can always grow your skills and talents!

And you’re in for a special treat because I’m going to share how to create the most bombshell, blonde, bob hair that is going to leave your clients RAVING. 

Let’s dive in!

Bombshell Blonde Bob with Foilyage

Step 1: Rough cut the ends of the hair 

Since we’re doing a bob cut in this tutorial, I’m starting by doing a rough cut of my client’s ends. I like to do this so I don’t end up highlighting a bunch of hair that doesn’t need to be highlighted or highlighting it in a way for the length and then cutting it later.

(Don’t worry if it looks messy, we’ll clean it up with a real cut at the end)

Step 2: Mix up your Redken Flash Lift Lightener & your low light shade

I’m using 20 vol developer with my lightener and the low light shade that I’m using is 5N. 

Step 3: Create a bright money piece around the hairline

Using triangle-inspired sections around the hairline. Don’t be afraid to take back-to-back highlight sections. Remember to apply your lowlight sections as well to create depth and dimension. 

Your low light sections can be thicker than your highlight sections, but remember to keep most pieces thin so you can get them nice and bright

PRO TIP: The money piece is the hairline, it’s not just around the part.

Step 4: Create more of a rooted look using backcombing as you move closer to the crown

Step 5: Using 45-degree angles to create the internal depth

PRO TIP: As you work internally start to drop the root a little bit more so that you have the brightest around the hairline and the highlights “melt” down the head

Step 6: Rinse out lightener with blonde shampoo

I’m using Unite Blonda Shampoo to cut out some of the yellow in her hair

Step 7: Apply the shadow root

I’m only applying about a centimetre (⅛ inch) of color onto the roots using 10VV and 9V Redken Shades EQ (check the video to see how great it turned out!)

Step 8: Flash tone at the sink

Step 9: Rinse out toner and complete the cut

Step 10: Blow dry, style and snap those pics!

There ya have it, 10 simple steps to a bright, beautiful, long lasting blonde bob! I wanna know, will you try this technique on your clients?

Let me know over on Instagram @dawnbradleyhair, or tell me about an embarrassing salon moment so I don’t feel so bad about ripping my pants! You know I always love to hear from ya. 

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