Sep 12, 2019

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Never have a client take advantage of you again!

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You know that sick feeling in your stomach that happens after you realize a client has totally taken advantage of you? Ya, it’s the worst isn’t it?

It feels like they are all out to get you, doesn’t it? Like their mission in life is to ask way too much of us! Who texts their hairstylist at 11 pm at night asking to get squeezed in last minute for the next day, and actually thinks it can happen!?

Come ON people.

Why does it seem like everyone just thinks that they can dictate to us when we should work, or that we should just bring color over and do their hair while drinking wine with them… and even offer to pay us cash and that will somehow convince us (ok so maybe it’s worked on occasion)… In the beginning I was scared to lose clients so I always said yes. Lots of times, I didn’t have anything else going on, i was just gonna go home and rest( which is a really important this to do!)…

I quickly started resenting my clients for always asking to get in outside my schedule.


Wanna know the truth? You may not like it.. But when have I ever sugar coated things for you?

We are the ones, us as individuals, that need to demand the respect. We need to start standing up for ourselves, in kind compassionate ways.

We need to follow through on the boundaries we set for ourselves, even when we are scared that it may upset our client or that it may mean they go somewhere else.

Listen in while I chat about how I felt when I realized I had totally let myself be taken advantage of a client.



Have you ever been left with that icky feeling too?

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