Sep 19, 2019

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breaking up with a client

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When it’s time to break up with a client…

I get asked about this all the time and now I’m dishing all the deets.

I know that feeling of wishing you could get rid of a client. There’s been so many times in my career that I’ve had clients, some who I love, and some who I didn’t, that would stress me the eff out and I’d wish they would just go somewhere else.

I would lose sleep over their appointments:

  • Some were people who just never seemed to be happy with what I did.

  • Other times it was the clients who swore and tore a strip off me, leaving me in tears while telling me they hated their hair and that they looked stupid.

  • Or the passive aggressive ones, those I found the hardest.

Whatever the type of client, it’s a hard place to be in. To feel like you are trapped. That you should be thankful for the business coming in and that there is no way you could ever tell them not to come back. The customer is always right mentality.

But I’ve got a hack for you. It’s called refusal by referral. Referring your client to someone else who would better be able to take care of them and their needs. 

Watch to see my super simple easy way you can ‘break up’ with a client without feeling like a terrible person.



It shouldn’t make you feel bad or leave with both parties angry. There is a kind compassionate way you can do it without feeling like a horrible person.

I’m curious, would you try this technique?

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