Feb 3, 2020

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how to be productive (when you’re lazy AF)

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Are you lazy AF? Do you feel like you have an endless to-do list and, though you feel like you’re working on tasks all day long, you look up and you realize you haven’t been productive at all?

I’ve been there too and I’m going to challenge you and say that you’re not actually lazy, you just don’t have systems in place to help you be more productive. 

Now listen up, this doesn’t give you an out to say “oh so I’m not actually lazy? Cool!” and keep doing your thing. Nope, sorry… it’s not that easy, BUT I’ve broken down some steps to get you to be more productive IMMEDIATELY by simply changing just a few things in your day.

Intrigued? In this episode I walk you step by step into 5 things you can do now to be more productive.


What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • We’ll go through what questions to ask yourself to determine your purpose (and are dirty dishes holding you back from your goals… stay tuned).

  • How writing something out on paper (vs. digital) may be the golden ticket.

  • How procrastination can cause anxiety and how anxiety can cause procrastination AND SO FORTH, so what are tasks are we putting off? I bet they are the ones that are a bit harder and less mindless… no, I’m not watching you, I just AM you and I know this game well. 

  • An EASY way to get what you need to get done in 20 minutes (yep, you don’t want to miss this one). 

  • How to give yourself a reward system (let’s get those gold stars ready because you deserve all the hard work you do). 

This episode is packed full of tips to help keep you on track and stay productive when you’re feeling lazy AF. You don’t want to miss this one! Do you know someone else who needs to hear this, send this over to a friend.

If you found this episode helpful, head on over to my Instagram and let me know! What is ONE thing you’ll take away from this episode that you think will help you stay more productive. 

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