Feb 10, 2020

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how to say no (without pissing people off)

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If anxious creatives struggle with one thing, it’s saying no! 

This used to be a MASSIVE problem for me in life and business, but I had to either learn to say “no” or lose my mind. 

Saying no takes practice, but it’s so beneficial for your business and your mental health. So in this episode, I’m going to show you all my favourite tips for learning to say NO without sending your clients running away screaming! 

The best part is, I’ll tell you EXACTLY what to say, and you’re totally allowed to steal my scripts. I won’t tell 🙂


Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

-How to explore your anxiety around saying no so you can challenge those thoughts that hold you back.

-Why squeezing someone in actually doesn’t get you or your client the results you’re looking for. It’s WAY better to just say no, trust me. (Don’t worry, I give you a script for this.)

-The unconscious dance we get into when we keep saying yes to someone when we want to say no. This just keeps us in a crappy cycle that hurts us, our business, and our relationships!

-The two little words that are SO helpful for dealing with conflict around saying no (seriously, you won’t believe how well this works).

-How to train your clients to book further in advance instead of last-minute so you have to say no less often to those last-minute appointment requests.

-Why women especially have a hard time saying no. It sucks, but it’s true! 

It’s effing scary to say no. Trust me, I get it. Booooy do I get it. 

You don’t want to make people mad or lose your clients. You just want people to like you. You can’t stand to make anyone feel upset or uncomfortable. But uncomfortable is okay. Learning to say no is all about getting uncomfortable in order to honour yourself. 

Stop apologizing for what you’re worth or for the experience you create. In order to create a thriving business and the best possible experience for your clients, you need to learn to say no in an effective way that’s compassionate for everyone. After this episode, you’ll be on your way to an assertive new you!

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