May 4, 2020

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how to build client loyalty during a pandemic

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Okay, I know you’re sick of hearing about the pandemic (I am too!), but I polled you guys and you have pandemic questions. You want to know how to keep your clients during this crazy time (and always!). 

I hear you! This is super scary. You’re probably home from work and you might be struggling, and you want to know you’ll still have clients when you get back to the salon!

So I’ve got 5 awesome tips for you today for building client loyalty during a pandemic, and always. This is stuff you should keep doing long after this is over. (Won’t THAT be a happy day, right?!)


Here’s what you’ll hear in this special solo Dawn episode:  

  • Reality check: You’ll lose clients throughout your career no matter what, and that’s okay! Don’t freak out. This is a mindset thing.

  • Creative ways to stay in touch and show your clients you care, even when you’re not in the salon.

  • How to use the five love lLanguages in your business (I’m obsessed with these!)

  • How to stand out and SHOW your clients that you’re different. It can be as simple as a candy dish or letting your dog hang out in the salon.

  • The simple 20-minute-a-month task that got me tons of rebookings and loyalty. 

  • Rejection isn’t the worst thing in the world, and it’s not personal. What do you have to lose?

  • Providing added value that keeps your clients coming back for more!

It comes down to this: loyalty is all about trust and making your clients feel special. 

We all want to feel appreciated. We all feel loyal to those we trust. You can be that for your clients! 

I know these are scary times, but these are things you can use in your business ALL. THE. TIME. Make these tips a part of how you do business, and your client list will fill up and stay full! 

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