Jun 25, 2020

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The Top 3 Reasons You’re Stressing While Your Client Processes

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Raise your hand if you’re a people pleaser. ‍♀️

That’s me, right next to ya raising my hand. I get it, boy do I get it, you want to make everyone happy. So much so, that you are always praying for best-case scenarios. 

The thought of having to tell your client things might not work out keeps you up at night and even has you questioning your abilities. 

And when it does happen (let’s be honest, not everything in life can be perfect) you start beating yourself up, feeling like you’ve not only let your client down, but you’ve let yourself down. Mindset plays a huge role in our confidence and our communication. If we are always believing the worst will happen, we’re more likely to make mistakes.

Here are three reasons that you’re stressing while your client processes:

  1. You rushed through your consultation and are second-guessing what they meant exactly when they told you they wanted to go “lighter”⁠

  2. You forgot to tell them the risks of chemical services, even though minimal and now you’re nervous their hair may be having a reaction (is that smoke you smell?!)⁠

  3. The hair isn’t lifting as much as you promised and guaranteed them it would and now you’re trying to figure out how to backpedal out of this.⁠

Wanna know the number one thing that can kick all of these fears to the curb?


Good communication doesn’t happen by accident. It takes practice and guidance, especially going back to work now. ⁠Your talent and skill are still there, don’t punish yourself over a simple communication error. Take this as a learning experience to see how you can listen to your clients more effectively as well as communicating the risks well in advance. 

Not only will this help squash those late-night anxieties, but it will also have your clients trusting and respecting you as the professional that you are. 

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