Jul 6, 2020

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When it all looks good from the outside- the truth about career fulfillment with Jodie Brown

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In this episode, I’m chatting with one of my incredible Rock Your Business alumni, Jodie Brown!

Jodie’s been a hairstylist for 15 years (or longer. She did her first foils at 11!). She’s also a brand strategist and Instagram educator for beautiful professionals who want to leverage their online presence to build a consistent brand and use Instagram without the overwhelm.

We first met virtually in the fall of 2019 when Jodie was experiencing the aftermath of a few really hard years. We clicked immediately, and she decided to sign up for my Rock Your Business! You’ll be blown away with how far she’s come since last fall. 

So buckle up, because this is a good one! 


Here’s what you’ll get in this episode: 

  • The crazy serendipity of how we met, from Jodie’s perspective!  

  • The REAL value of Instagram when it comes to growing your business. (And how she became an Instagram educator.)

  • The importance of allowing yourself to feel your pain without minimizing it.  

  • Why I call bullshit on manifestation.

  • The glory of online booking and why you need it.

  • One of the biggest steps that moved the needle in Jodie’s business.

  • Why you need business buddies (and where you can find them!).

I say this all the time: It doesn’t matter what your life looks like on the outside. Success and fulfillment happen on the INSIDE, and that’s what I try to teach and facilitate in my courses and masterminds. 

Jodie didn’t just create a life that looks good on the outside. (Though she definitely did that. Her Insta is gorgeous!) She created a life and business that supports her from the inside out, and you can do the same!  

This episode is so inspiring, and I know you’re going to love it. Go say hi to Jodie on Instagram @itsjodiebrown! Make sure to grab the free goodies in her bio, and watch for her upcoming Instagram course and private coaching!

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