Jul 2, 2020

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How to Take Risks in Business as a Hairstylist

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How often do you find yourself putting off the things you want (or even need) to do because “it’s just not the right time…”?

Don’t ask me this question, I’m a terrible liar

I know you’ve said to yourself:

“I won’t ever work on my day off again after this one last time…”

“I’ll start working out… next week…”

“I’ll increase my prices… when I’m booked 3 months in advance…”

Because the idea of jumping into something, without knowing the outcome, has you paralyzed. 

I know this, because that used to be me. 

I have SO been there. I was scared to make changes in my business because I didn’t feel like I was “ready”, and so my business stayed the same for a long time. It wasn’t until I realized there was never going to be the “perfect” time, there was never going to be a time where I wasn’t at least a little nervous and scared. But realizing that I couldn’t let that fear and anxiety stop me from moving forward helped me take big leaps before I knew where I was going to land. 

Before I do something, my brain likes to spider-web into all the possible “what-ifs”. 

All of the possible outcomes are mapped out (let’s be real though, more often than not, it’s all of the negative outcomes). 

If you’re new here, you may not know I love a good analogy,  but just wait, you’ll soon realize I’m all about them! 

So let me share a story with ya:

The first time I ever went skydiving, it was a tandem dive with an instructor. They count to 3 and then you jump out of the plane into a free-fall- I would describe it as euphoric- it was loud, it was quiet and then all of a sudden you realize: 

“Oh my gosh, I have to land”.

They show you how to land before you head out (can you even imagine if they didn’t?!), the instructor will land and I was meant to put my feet up. I felt prepared ‘cause we had gone through it, and naively thought:

 “This will be smooth sailing”.

 It, of course, was not. We totally crashed and slid on our bums!

I’m sharing this story to show that even when you think you know how it’s going to turn out, it can still turn out a completely different way. Despite not landing my first skydive as gracefully and flawlessly as I had thought I would, I still landed. I still got up and felt proud of myself for taking that leap.

So if you’re wanting to take a huge leap in your business, but you’re feeling like you need to wait for that “perfect” moment, this blog post is for you. Stop stressing over what could go wrong and instead focus on what could go right. 

I would love to help show you how I run my business and avoid all the trial and error that I went through. Sign up to get on the waitlist for Rock Your Business, your stress-free guide to earning 6 figures. 

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