Aug 24, 2020

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Boundaries (The Anxious Creative Makes Waves – Part 1)

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Hold onto your seats cause I’ve got a fun series coming atcha!

I’ve teamed up with Lindsay Mayuga from the She Makes Waves Podcast for a 5 part series. Yup, you heard that right, over the next 5 weeks Lindsay and I are going to be chatting about business, life, being anxious creatives, and so much more. 

I’m so excited to be bringing you Part 1 – it’s all about boundaries. (One of my all-time favourite topics, as you know.)


Here’s what you’ll get in this episode:

  • The WWDD (What Would Dawn Do) bracelet that Lindsay wants to make

  • Why open communication is a game-changer

  • The hardest lesson I had to learn

  • What the foxtrot and the tango have to do with boundaries

  • Why people-pleasers are often the most passive-aggressive (or sarcastic)

  • How subtraction of yourself can lead to resentment

  • My favourite boundaries analogy (you mighta heard this one before 😉 )

  • How standing your boundaries can be not explaining them for certain people

Lindsay and I had so much fun recording this for you guys. 

If you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed about implementing boundaries know that you’re not alone. It takes a lot of time and practice (and both Lindsay and I can vouch for that) and it doesn’t happen overnight. 

Tune in next week for Part 2! (Spoiler alert: we’re talking all about worth – this is right up Lindsay’s alley.)

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