Sep 14, 2020

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Communication (The Anxious Creative Makes Waves – Part 4)

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Can you believe we’re on part 4 of The Anxious Creative Makes Waves? Have you been listening since part 1 (can you believe an entire month has already gone by since that episode came out?! This year is truly flying).

If you want to listen to any of the earlier parts to this series, you can pop over here to check them out.

This week’s episode is all about communication. Lindsay and I LOOOOOVE talking about communication.

So listen in to hear us communicate about communication! (It’s like inception but better.)


The gems you’ll get in this episode:

  • The reality show that Lindsay and I are planning

  • What your lack of communication might be saying

  • Why “common knowledge” isn’t always that common

  • Why communicating expectations is so important

  • A momentary lapse of the difference between American and Canadian accents

  • How experiences with poor communication have taught Lindsay and myself better communication

  • How custom consultations helped me with my communication

  • Why the way you communicate can attract the right clients

  • Why it’s important to repel the wrong people

  • Why the fear of being seen can be holding you back

  • Why it’s totally okay (and important!) to be yourself

  • My own personal evolution of self

  • A real-life example of my short attention span

  • The “cast of characters” of your life

  • Why it doesn’t matter what Pam thinks

  • Why being compassionate doesn’t mean resentment doesn’t exist

  • Why it’s okay to know that there’s a beginning and an end to everything

  • “What’s for you does not pass you.” – the Lindsay Mayuga quote that everyone needs on a t-shirt (or a mug)

Wow! Was that episode jam-packed or what? I can’t believe the finale is next week (“Can’t it go on forever, Dawn?!” I hear you cry)

Communicating hasn’t always been easy for me (have you read my blog post all about my sweaty pits?) and it’s taken me a while to be as comfortable with it as I am. So if you’re just starting to work on clearly communicating and it feels like an uphill battle, know that I’m cheering you on and I know you can do it.

I promise it’ll be so worth it.

You do not want to miss the final part of this series next Monday, when Lindsay and I are chatting all about faith.

I can’t wait!

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