Sep 21, 2020

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Faith (The Anxious Creative Makes Waves – Part 5)

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I gotta be honest, I didn’t think I’d be so bummed to see this series come to an end!

It was such a treat to spend so much time with Lindsay, chatting about so many different topics. Did you listen to the first four parts? They’ve been so good, right?!

(If you haven’t you might wanna check them out after you listen to this one.)

Well, I think we’re ending the series with the best one (but I might be a little biased), we went a little rogue, as Lindsay puts it.

Today’s episode is all about FAITH *cue George Michael singing: “I gotta have faaiitthhh”. 

(Yikes, hope I didn’t just age myself too hard there…)


What you’ll get in this episode:

  • Why hearing the word “faith” is triggering for me

  • What faith means to Lindsay

  • Why belief and faith go hand in hand

  • Where I had to have faith in myself

  • How I handle the “Why does this always happen to me?” moments

  • Why it’s important to get curious about yourself and how you show up

  • Why it’s easier to feel like stuff is being done to you

  • Fault vs responsibility

  • Why we often look for people who confirm our insecurities

  • My aggressive tactic to push people away

  • Why it’s important to recognize that you have different seasons in your life

  • Why it can be confusing to know your role with clients when you’re behind the chair

  • Why you don’t have to justify anything in your life

  • How social media blurs the line of relationships

  • The “elephant in the room” situations

  • “You can open the door and if people walk through it, that’s amazing.” – another Lindsay Mayuga quote for your wall (am I going to open a shop of Lindsay Mayuga quotes…? Well… I guess I have my back up plan.)

  • “Nothing is anyone’s business”

  • There are so many chapters in your life

*Natasha Beddingfield’s “Unwritten” plays as we fade to black*

Oh my goodness! What an unreal 5 weeks it has been. I seriously had such a great time and I’m so thankful for Lindsay! Do you guys wanna see more of The Anxious Creative Makes Waves?

I’m so pumped that you came along for the ride (did you listen to all 5 or do you need to go back and listen to a couple?). I hope you had some laughs, some aha moments and just an all-around good time with Lindsay and myself, we truly had a blast recording these.

If you wanna keep up to date with Lindsay you can make sure to follow her on Instagram.

So until next time, as Lindsay says, “this isn’t goodbye, this is just a see ya later”.

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