anxious creatives unite!


This week's episode I have my friend Gina Devine on to talk about how we do life as anxious creatives.

Gina has been a creative her whole life, growing up in salons (her mom is a stylist) and going to fine art school she is a true artist. But like me, don't ask her to cook you a meal, it ain't gonna happen.

She is one of the kindest people I have ever met and I appreciate her constant commitment to growth and self improvement.

Her motto about social media:

"the image is to grab you, the words are to keep you.

I use my Instagram for so much more than just pretty hair photos. As artists, we shouldn't have to constantly sell ourselves and our work like a commodity. I make to make, show to show, and speak to speak, write, connect, and discuss to help create content that addresses the humanness we all crave. I hope to evolve in this idea more and more as time goes on. Less in the superficial, and more in the spiritual. I hope to help people who have been silenced to find their own voices, even if it's just through social media."

Come hang out while we get deep into our own journeys with mental health, being in a creative industry, and social media.

Make sure to check Gina out on Instagram at @gina.devine.

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