Oct 12, 2021

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How To Blend Grey Hair With Highlights (The Quick & Easy Way)


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How many times have your grey-haired clients wished they could go longer between appointments? The upkeep for coloring grey hair can get overwhelming! If you’ve been looking for a way to save your clients time and money this is the place for you. 

I’m sharing the easiest way to blend grey hair into the most beautiful blonde highlights that your clients are going to love. (Because let’s be honest, these are our bread and butter clients)

I’ve got a very special guest for this tutorial, it’s my mom! And believe it or not, she was in and out in under 2 hours. Buckle up friend, this is a good one. 

90 Minute Grey Blending Tutorial 

(watch the video above for the in-depth tutorial)

Step 1: Mix up your clay lightener

Check out my tutorial here all about the perfect way to mix your clay lightener for max lift

Step 2: Apply lightener right up to the root

This is a little different than some other open-air hair painting tutorials as I am going right up to the root with the lightener. I’m using small sections because my mom has fine hair. 

PRO TIP: Using open air balayage on fine, short haired clients will help avoid demarcation lines and visible grow out

Step 3: Continue taking sections around the head

Remember, hair doesn’t fall perfectly so it’s okay if your sections aren’t perfect either!

Step 4: Finish applying lightener

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to generously apply product, especially around the hairline

Step 5: Tone at the sink

I used 9N and 9G in Shades EQ for my mom’s hair (check out the video to see how it turned out)

Step 6: Rinse, style and snap those pics

And there you have it! 6 easy steps to a stunning grey blending balayage with highlights. 

What do you think? I’d absolutely love to hear from you if you’re going to try this technique. Why don’t you shoot me a text at 1-587-741-2012.

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